A Tulsa cement plant is one of six to receive recognition for commitment to improving the environment and communities at the Ninth Annual Cement Industry Environment and Energy Awards, presented by Portland Cement Association at its spring meeting. Tulsa’s Lafarge North America Inc. was honored in the innovation category. In 2009 the Tulsa Lafarge plant took advantage of an alternative fuel opportunity that builds upon a waste stream the industry has been using for years. Most tire-derived fuel use is based on used tires, but the Tulsa plant worked with Goodyear Inc. to divert rubber manufacturing waste from landfills into the cement kiln. The plant accepts bagged scrap rubber and malformed rubber components that are delivered to a mid-kiln injection system by way of a high angle conveyor. In addition, the plant utilizes 100% biogas from a nearby landfill for the drying of raw materials and up to a 20% substitution of the kiln fuel needs.