The SH 349-SH158 overpass on the Nadine & Tom Craddick Highway, northwest of Midland, was added to the list of projects to be funded by Proposition 14 bond proceeds.

The overpass will take SH 349 traffic over SH 158. TxDOT says it will be a safety improvement for the new route. Until the overpass is built, SH 349 will stop at the intersection. SH 158 cross traffic will not stop.

The new highway is a reliever route that takes north-south commercial and other through traffic off Loop 250 in Midland.

The Prop. 14 bond program authorizes TxDOT to borrow money on a short-term basis and to issue general obligation bonds. The bonds are repaid with money from the State Highway Fund, including motor fuels taxes and vehicle registration fees.