Texas 2010 Rank: No. 76
Market, Rank: Distribution & Warehouses, No. 7

Houston design firm Llewelyn-Davies Sahni is celebrating its 30th year as a Texas firm. The firm dates back to urban planning in 1958 London, but the initial focus is changing as it takes on new architectural and development advisory roles.

PHOTO: Llewelyn-Davies Sahni
Photo: Llewelyn-Davies Sahni
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“Change is happening whether we like it or not,” says Randhir Sahni, who joined LDS in 1977 and became a partner in 1980. LDS’s urban-design services include planning university campuses, transit facilities and corporate relocations. It has provided program and design services to Houston Community College and to Houston’s Texas Southern University.

LDS has several renovation projects for the Houston Independent School District, Houston Community College and other entities. Its projects include public infrastructure work.

“Most of our projects start small and grow over time as clients gain confidence in us,” Sahni says. “The key is to define your role, aim for the highest quality, meet client needs and budgets, and achieve goals.” He says although the firm is relatively small, with $4.5 million in 2009 revenue, he believes the company can hold its own, having completed 1-million-sq-ft projects valued at $100 million or more. “With the advent of technology, we can compete with a firm of any size on any project,” he adds. He says acts of nature, Congress and greed will affect the future of design, anticipating shale gas production will open new opportunities for the firm. LDS has helped oil companies and transportation officials acquire property.

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