Texas 2010 Rank: No. 9
Market, Rank: Manufacturing, No. 2, Sewage & Solid Waste,No. 6, Sports & Recreation, No. 7

Founded in 1894, Freese and Nichols of Fort Worth has entered new fields in existing market segments. It is growing its program management and consulting with Texas counties.

photo: freese and nichols
Photo: Freese and Nichols
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The firm finished 2009 with $77.48 million in revenue.

“Our focus is to help our clients, many of whom are struggling with budget and staffing challenges,” says Robert F. Pence, the firm’s president and CEO. “Our leaders have called on decision-makers within client organizations to understand their concerns right now and for the coming years.”

Freese and Nichols serves municipal and county governments, water districts, state and federal government, energy and higher education clients. The company’s 450 employees provide engineering, architecture, environmental science, planning and program management throughout Texas.

Pence adds that activities on scheduled and funded construction has accelerated, in some cases, to take advantage of funds and advantageous costs. Freese has 13 offices across the state and is looking at out-of-state expansion. It upgrades its employees’ skills, invests in technology, and has increased its offerings of workshops and training activities for clients. This includes a series about funding opportunities and strategic-, municipal- and capital-improvement planning. Freese is dong design and construction management on the Lake Alan Henry Reservoir pipeline and pump station for the city of Lubbock.

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