Texas 2010 rank: No. 14

Market, rank: Electrical, No. 6

Alterman Inc.
Photo: Courtesy Alterman
Alterman Inc.
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Employee-owned electrical and data contractor Alterman of San Antonio finished 2009 with $110 million in revenues.

“We were fortunate that we picked up a number of large projects in ’07 and ’08 and to a large extent they carried us through ’09,” says Don Kuykendall, CEO of Alterman.

Alterman completed several data centers in 2009, including ones for Valero Energy and Frost Bank, and the Christus Santa Rosa Hospital—Westover Hills.

Founded in 1923, Alterman has been 100% employee owned since 1999. The company has spent more than $500,000 in staff training during the last three years. Kuykendall reports its typical project managers enjoy 15 or more years with the company.

“Employee ownership provides additional motivation, and people see the value of their ownership go up as the value of the company goes up,” Kuykendall says.

Alterman’s construction division handles large jobs, its service and special projects division tackles projects with special requirements, and the data-communication division provides voice, data and security services. Looking forward, Alterman has begun preconstruction services and design, using building information modeling, on the new University Hospital in San Antonio.

“We are dedicated to consistently delivering the maximum performance and value,” Kuykendall says. “We complete jobs timely and cost efficiently.”

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