Image Courtesy of Bentley
Software offerings significantly cut planning time. Bentley's ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server enables portions of a model to be color-coded to show project status.

Technology platforms are evolving quickly in their ability to improve work-packaging capabilities for multidiscipline project teams. Like the rise of web-based software before it, platforms-as-a-service now enable teams to integrate project data from multiple sources as well as collaborate more easily during the planning process.

Bentley has released its ProjectWise Construction Work Package Server, which offers software and services developed around work-packaging standards and best practices advocated by the Construction Industry Institute and the Construction Owners Association of Alberta. The server platform enables consolidation of models, drawings and other types of project data. Users can create, publish, edit, manage and distribute engineering work packages and construction work packages. Planners use 3D modeling tools for package development and status reporting and can build 4D simulations, using ConstructSim V8i, to show look-ahead planning and animate construction schedules.

Industrial-plant design software maker Aveva offers work-packaging capabilities as part of its suite. The modular system offers project planning, workface planning, construction simulation and materials management capabilities that can be linked to a 3D model. The Aveva system can define materials requirements for work packages and enable visualization of data on materials status and availability. The company claims its products are interoperable with third-party business systems, including integration with scheduling software platform Primavera. Further, users can integrate schedules for 4D simulations.

Intergraph SmartPlant Construction also offers work-packaging capabilities. The system also offers 4D visualization to help planners sequence construction and maintain a project's critical path. Field construction status can be recorded based on configured rules of credit and used for reporting. These can be reviewed in a 3D model.