Once a contract with the Kraemer/TSH team is finalized, a notice to proceed will be issued and design work will get underway. A groundbreaking is expected this spring.

“This is a complicated project,” added Rowe. “Construction will impact numerous citizens, businesses, industries, and community interests. CDOT has stressed through the project goals that while meeting the completion date is important, so is minimizing impacts.”

Construction will begin west of I-25, with utility relocation and bridge and embankment work. The intent is to complete as much work as possible prior to significantly affecting traffic along I-25 in early 2016.

“The design-build contractor selection process required a tremendous amount of work and interaction between the project partners of the Federal Highway Administration, the city of Colorado Springs, El Paso County, the state Transportation Commission, CDOT and numerous community stakeholders,” said Rowe.  “It was a long but successful process to reach this milestone.”

Funding comes from a variety of federal, state and local sources, including:

• CDOT Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance and Partnerships (RAMP) funds

• CDOT Regional Priority Program (RPP) funds

• CDOT Bridge Replacement, FASTER Safety and Resurfacing funds

• City of Colorado Springs local match funds

• El Paso County local match funds.