Chris Hoag, the chief electrician at Invesco Field at Mile High, was looking to add eye-catching lights to the west side of the stadium. The east side already had fluorescent strip lights and metal halide floodlights, so the intent was to even out the lighting and add to the aesthetic appeal of the fa�ade.

Denver Stadium Gets Upgraded Lights
Photo courtesy of American Lighting
The new LEDs contributed to a 72% reduction in energy consumption, with more than $5,000 in annual cost savings.

After Conserve-A-Watt, a lighting distributor used by Mile High, heard a presentation from American Lighting on LEDs, they wanted to team up with the manufacturer to use its LED Wall Washers at the stadium.

Because of the history and lore associated with Mile High Stadium, Denver-based American Lighting and Conserve-A-Watt knew it had to score big when it teamed up to implement a new lighting scheme on the outside of the stadium. In addition to the aesthetic qualities the new lights bring, the newly implemented LEDs contributed to a 72% reduction in energy consumption, with total wattage reduced from 5152W to 1440W, as well as more than $5,000 in annual cost savings. The energy savings produced by the newly installed LEDs was especially appreciated by Mile High Stadium because of its recent implementation of Game Plan Green, a program committed to promoting energy efficiency and cleaning up the environment.

Beginning with 12 RGB (color-changing) LED Wall Washers, programmed to display Denver Broncos blue and orange, the team installed the new fixtures behind an opaque glass wall on the west side of the stadium. After viewing the new installation, the team decided to add three more LED Wall Washers, bringing the total to 15, to brighten the façade even further. The final result on the west side was so well received that Mile High decided to implement 15 additional American Lighting LED Wall Washers in the same format on the east side of the field as well.

“We have been very pleased with the process of installing the new LED Wall Washers with American Lighting, from start to finish,” said Hoag. “The new lighting is aesthetically pleasing, and it gives us a much broader range of flexibility in terms of colors and patterns.”

The new fixtures can change color with just the touch of a button, allowing the stadium to show support for not only the home team, but also for other events held in and around the stadium. For instance, during the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, the stadium can be “painted pink” to support participants. The rich blue and orange colors for the Broncos can also assume different effects. For example, during a touchdown, Hoag has the option of producing a firecracker effect to draw attention to the building.