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Top 10 Largest Projects Under Construction in the World and Beyond Sellafield Nuclear Site Songdo International Business District South North Water Diversion Project Dubai Land Saadiyat Island Yas Island Jubail II South Valley Development Great Man Made River Project International Space Station

We have identified the 10 largest construction projects or programs that are under construction, globally. It does not contain large-scale purely residential developments or normal multiyear infrastructure (highway, water and wastewater) spending programs by national, state, provincial or regional governments.

Given the size and scope of these huge efforts, almost all could justifiably be designated construction programs. They have been ranked in terms of their cost, based on U.S. dollars. Project costs are not adjusted to reflect the significant differences in purchasing power among countries.

ENR has tried to obtain the most accurate information possible for this report, from project owners, program managers and master planners. However, the availability of information varies from project to project. As additional information is released, we will update these reports.