Unified State LaboratorySubmitted by Big-D Construction and VCBO Architecture
The objective of this project was to provide public health laboratory services to Utah’s growing population through state-of-the-art laboratories, including a BSL3 suite, organic and inorganic chemistry labs, microbiology labs, radio chemistry, forensic toxicology, administrative offices and collaborative spaces. The first of three modules, the Unified State Laboratory facility will provide efficient delivery of critical lab services for the Utah Dept. of Health’s Bureaus of Forensic Toxicology, Chemical and Environmental Services, Laboratory Improvement and Microbiology.

Located on the Rampton Complex in Taylorsville, Utah, near the heart of the valley just off Interstate 215 and 4700 South, the master plan was conceived as three lab modules grouped around a common outdoor courtyard with service yards to the north, parking on the south and east and major entries on the south.

The 78,000-sq-ft Unified State Laboratory Module I was designed on three levels to create the best efficiencies and adjacencies for the various lab bureaus. The East Office Wing is framed by a deep-roof overhang and wind scoop to direct natural ventilation into select operable windows on the east facade. A green roof was designed for the balcony/roof areas outside the curtain wall of the two office levels. The east wing main level is the most publicly accessible portion of the building with the atrium lobby, training labs and seminar rooms.

Taylorsville, Utah

$26.4 million
Owner: Utah Division of Facilities Construction Management
Contractor: Big-D Construction
Architect: VCBO Architecture
Engineers: Great Basin Engineers, Dunn Associates Inc., Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Spectrum Engineers Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: Sunroc, Odyssey Landscape, Buxton Masonry, B&D Glass, Superior Roofing, ISEC, J&S Mechanical, Wilkinson Electric

Start: May 2008 Finish: Nov. 2009