Interstate 80 1300 East to State Street Submitted by Horrocks Engineers
The CM/GC team utilized accelerated bridge construction to speed up the schedule for the Interstate 80 project. ABC was used to replace seven bridges along the I-80 corridor in a two-month period from late June through early August 2008. The Horrocks team designed the ABC bridges carrying traffic westbound I-80 at 300 East, 500 East, 600 East, 600 East ramp, 700 East, 900 East and Highland Drive. The technology reduced road closures along mainline I-80 and inconvenience to commuters.

The bridges were constructed in a “bridge farm” located in the infield of the 1300 East interchange loop ramp. A series of carrier beams were designed to pick up the completed bridges and transport them to their final locations. Each bridge was moved by self-propelled modular transports, with the final bridge transported approximately two miles from the bridge farm to the cross street, where abutments were already in place.

At the cross street, the bridge was transferred from the SPMTs to a skid-and-rail system. A hydraulic skid on a series of 30-ft-tall supports placed the bridge across the opening, where it was transferred to six columns supported on hydraulic jacks.

Not only was each bridge designed for normal traffic loads, it also had to be designed for the next 2-million-lb bridge to be driven over it. To handle those loads, a series of supports were constructed that made the single-span bridges into two-span bridges.

When complete, the temporary supports were removed and the cross streets were reopened to traffic.

Salt Lake City

$130 million
Owner: Utah Dept. of Transportation
Contractor/CM: Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction/Stanley Consultants
Engineers: Horrocks Engineers, H.W. Lochner, Stanley Consultants
Among the Subcontractors: Harper, CPC, Kilgore, Hung Electric, Pacific Coast Steel, Beltran, Ace Landscape, Gateway
Start: Aug. 2007 Finish: Dec. 2009