Lyman LibrarySubmitted by Blalock and Partners
The town of Lyman, Wyo., had not built a new civic building in over 20 years. The previous library was built in the early 1980s and was well worn and far too small. With Uinta County and the Uinta County Libraries offering to work with Lyman to pay for a new library, the design, location and cost were primary hurdles. The community was deeply involved throughout design and construction.

Construction started in September, forcing the contractor to mobilize and complete sitework before winter set in. This included having all concrete work—including curb and gutter, sidewalks and slabs, as well as asphalt paving—completed at the outset of the project. This allowed the contractor a solid staging area and the ability to frame and enclose the building before the winter weather got too severe. It also allowed the contractor and subs to park off the public streets and not disrupt nearby residential neighborhoods.

The remote location of the building in Wyoming presented certain challenges in getting qualified subcontractors to bid and work on the project. By utilizing carefully crafted specifications, concise drawings and an interactive bid process, the project secured high-quality subcontractors within the tight budget.

Lyman, Wyo.

$1.3 million
Owner: Uinta County Libraries
Contractor: CK Construction Corp.
Architect: Blalock and Partners
Engineers: Great Basin Engineering Inc., BHB Consulting Engineers, David L. Jensen & Associates, Ken Garner Engineering Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: Landmark Design Inc.
Start: Aug. 2009 Finish: July 2010