Central Valley at Snake River LandingSubmitted by SRL Development
The 30-acre Central Valley at Snake River Landing was formerly an aggregate quarry and batch plant that has been redeveloped as the main stormwater detention and irrigation system for the 450-acre, mixed-use development.

Innovation was key in designing the Central Valley project, which includes four acres of water surface and more than 3,000 lin. ft of running stream. In order to generate less waste from the mined-out quarry, SRL Development used what was readily available on site for key features of the Central Valley.

Railroad ballast rock was used to make amended soil for the concrete tree boxes, excess lava rock was crushed and used as material for pathways and plaza areas. Large lava rocks were integrated into the sidewalks, used in the outlet ponds to disguise piping and in the stream areas to create waterfalls, ripples and appealing surface currents. The northernmost point of the water features is more formal and uses locally available slab and field stone.

The Central Valley integrates stormwater management with a unique water feature, walking paths and recreational green space for the community to use and enjoy.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

$3 million
Owner: SRL Development
Contractor/CM: HK Contractors Inc./TW Bybee Construction Consulting Inc.
Architect: CLC Associates
Engineers: Mountain River Inc., Bradley Engineering Chartered
Among the Subcontractors: Hines Irrigation Consultants, CLC Associates, Seasons West, Land Expression, Cannon Builders Inc., Rocky Mountain Electric, Arco Electric Idaho Inc., Cascade Industries, Pump Tech, Rocky Mountain Environmental, Eagle Rock Blasting

Start: April 2008 Finish: Nov. 2009