Arapahoe School Submitted by GE Johnson Construction Co.
The Arapahoe School project constructed a 71,480-sq-ft, K-8 replacement school for the Fremont County School District No. 38 on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Wyoming.

Two innovative elements changed the scope of the project and enhanced the many sustainability elements incorporated into the building.

The first was the recommendation by the contractor to change the building skin to precast rather than the specified masonry. Although initially unpopular with school district authorities, the use of precast helped to control costs, greatly eliminated waste and moved the project at a faster pace, enabling the building to be fully enclosed before the harsh Wyoming winter set in.

The second innovation was adding nearly 100 tubular daylighting devices to greatly improve the school’s energy performance and sustainability.

The Arapahoe School building is a contribution to the Wind River Indian Reservation in itself, as it replaces several older, outdated buildings, consolidating space for K-8 students into one building. Additionally, the school functions as a center for community services. The building can host many tribal functions and community events, and the gym was expanded to handle adult sporting events.

Arapahoe, Wyo.

$18.4 million
Owner: Fremont County School District No.38
Contractor: GE Johnson Construction Co.
Architect: Quinn & Co. Architects and Designers
Engineers: Inberg-Miller, Lower & Co., Engineering Design Associates
Among the Subcontractors: Klingsporn Engineering, Dept. of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety, 71 Construction, Colorado Building Specialties, Comflors Inc., Daktronics, Douglass Colony Group, IMS Masonry, Intermountain Electric Service, Wyoming Landscape
Start: May 2009 Finish: July 2010