Woodbury Library Renovation
Submitted by Humphries Poli Architects
Among the first of Denver’s Carnegie Branch libraries, this 1912 building was updated in 2009 to accommodate the city’s Learning and Language Service Style.

Woodbury Library Renovation
Woodbury Library Renovation

Located in West Denver’s Highland neighborhood, the Woodbury branch serves young families and professionals, and through this renovation continues the neighborhood trend of revitalization.

Special care was taken by the design team to ensure the building’s lasting preservation while modernizing to meet today’s user needs by taking what it called a “less is more” approach. The design team sought a respectful balance between modernization and preservation and found ways to accomplish both by resolving a series of previous interventions that jeopardized the historic character of the building. Inappropriate elements resolved during this rehabilitation included replacing window coverings and much of the existing lighting in the main library.


Owner: Denver Public Libraries, City and County of Denver
Contractor: Interlock Construction Corp.
Architect: Humphries Poli Architects
Engineers: Abeyta Cory Electrical Engineering
Start: Aug. 2009 Finish: Dec. 2009