Veterans Pedestrian Bridge
Submitted by Matrix Design Group Inc.
For more than 300 years, the Arkansas River has been the lifeblood of Pueblo, continually serving the area’s population beginning with the first settlers in the region and continuing through the era of Pueblo’s steel trade. Today, the Historic Arkansas Riverwalk is a popular urban waterfront tourist destination and an integral part of downtown Pueblo.

Veterans Pedestrian Bridge
Veterans Pedestrian Bridge

The Riverwalk has revitalized a segment of the river that was previously seen as a blight to downtown Pueblo. An important part of Pueblo’s Urban Renewal Plan, HARP’s urban development transformed the community and has been vital in attracting new businesses and stabilizing the economic base of the city.

Pueblo, Colo.

$1.6 million
Developer/Owner: Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo/City of Pueblo
Contractor: H.W. Houston Construction
Architect: Chroma Design
Engineer: Matrix Design Group Inc.
Among the Subcontractors: Design Studios West, Belfay Engineering
Start: Nov. 2009 Finish: Aug. 2010