Submitted by Alder Construction Co.

The South Valley Water Reclamation Facility’s Project 4C increased the facility’s average water flow from 38 million gal. per day to 48 million gal. per day, added structures to the campus and was completed while the current wastewater plant was online.

South Valley Water Reclamation Facility – Project 4C
South Valley Water Reclamation Facility – Project 4C

Project 4C consisted of many different complicated structures. The main structure houses a 6.6-million-gal., cast-in-place concrete aeration basin. Aside from the concrete work, a complicated array of mechanical components, such as sluice and slide gates, floating mixers, an electrical control room, splitter box with galvanized flumes and a fine bubble-membrane air diffuser system, were also installed.

Project Team: West Jordan, $18.3 million

Owner: South Valley Water Reclamation
Contractor: Alder Construction Co.
Design Firm: MWH
Start: April 2006
Finish: Oct. 2008