Submitted by Rimrock Construction

Gregory & Swapp Professional Office is a four-story office containing 74,924 sq ft. There is a secured, underground parking garage beneath the building that houses 52 parking stalls. The biggest challenge the design and construction team faced was the re-design of the HVAC system after the entire steel structure was completed. The project team identified that a more sophisticated and efficient HVAC system should be used. The original design would not provide the level of comfort and customization for the occupants/tenants based on where they were located in the building. This redesign required changes to the interior space layout as well as adding an additional boiler in an exterior enclosure.

Gregory & Swapp Professional Office
Project Team: Sandy, Utah, $14.6 million

Owner: Gregory & Swapp
Contractor: Rimrock Construction
Design Firm: Blalock & Partners
Start: July 2007
Finish: Sept. 2008