Submitted by Ames Construction Inc.

This project replaced two highway bridges using a technique called accelerated bridge construction, which utilizes precast concrete abutments and precast concrete deck panels. It also widened one mile of roadway and demolished an existing bridge.

U.S. 6 MP 200 Bridge Replacement
U.S. 6 MP 200 Bridge Replacement

This is the first bridge construction project in Utah to employ accelerated bridge construction. The two bridges were both built using precast concrete elements for the abutments, beam girders and deck panels. Because prefabrication of these elements could be accomplished in a controlled, offsite environment without jobsite limitations, constructability was improved, quality increased, costs were lowered and the schedule was shortened.

Project Team: Spanish Fork Canyon, $20.7 million

Owner: Utah Dept. of Transportation
Contractor: Ames Construction Inc.
Design Firm: UDOT
Start: May 2008
Finish: Aug. 2009