As part of its effort to enhance safety on the state highway system, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation has installed a pilot system to monitor the structural behavior of its bridges.

CDOT installed the equipment in early Steptember under the Williams Canyon Bridge on U.S. 24  at the west end of Manitou Springs. With the technology in place, CDOT will be able to monitor the structure’s movements from its Denver headquarters.  
It is the first bridge in the state to have this technology.

“We’re in the testing phase at this point but it’s important to find out how well it works in order to better manage our bridge infrastructure,” said CDOT Staff Bridge Manager Josh Laipply. “If it proves successful, we’ll install these sensors on other structures throughout the state, allowing us monitor a variety of characteristics, such as load capacity and bridge movement, which will enhance everything that we’re already doing as part of our inspection program.”

Parsons is the engineering firm that assisted CDOT with installation of the system under a $150,000 contract.  

Other entities currently utilizing this technology include the transportation departments in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, South Carolina and New York, and the Canadian Pacific Railroad.