Costs attributable to airport congestion will rise from $24 billion in 2012 to $34 billion in 2020 and are expected to reach $63 billion by 2040 as congestion worsens. But, with additional annual investments of $2.1 billion per year, plus the development of NextGen, the U.S. can protect:

• $54 billion in exports,

• $313 billion in GDP

• 350,000 jobs

• $361 billion in personal income, or $320 per year for households.

“The fact is we must invest in U.S. airports today to ensure the global competitiveness of our country tomorrow,” said Greg Principato, president of Airports Council International-North America. “ASCE’s report underscores the importance of making these investments and, as importantly, the consequences of failing to invest."

Costs attributable to delays in the nation’s inland waterways system were $33 billion in 2010.  These costs in particular reverberate throughout the economy, given the heavy reliance of energy inputs like petroleum and coal on inland waterway transportation. This cost is expected to increase to nearly $49 billion by 2020.