Construction on a new 6,978-sq-ft administrative building for the Utah Navajo Trust Fund and Aneth Community Development Corp. finished in June.

Montezuma Creek Administrative Building
Photo courtesy of Eaton Architecture
The Navajo Trust Fund and Aneth Community Development Corp. opened their new 6,978-sq-ft Montezuma Creek Administrative Building near Blanding, Utah.

The new Montezuma Creek Administrative Building is located on 5.3 acres about 50 miles south of Blanding, Utah, near the intersection of Highways 163 and 262. Layton, Utah-based Valley Design and Construction built the project.

The architectural design for the building was carefully researched by Salt Lake City’s Eaton Architecture to reflect symbolic elements of the Navajo culture and the surrounding landscape.

The client requested features that included a large, dividable conference room for use by all building tenants, residential-type cooking facilities and an outdoor meeting space. Intense earth colors on the exterior and interior and the circular and curvilinear massing of the building respect the cultural character of the Navajo and the area’s landscape.

Interior paint colors such as turquoise, rust, smoky topaz and sand vibrate in the entry spaces, offices and conference room and provide an identity to occupying agencies as well as reflect the local culture.

Construction completed in September on a new $35-million, 120,000-sq-ft College of Agriculture Building on the Utah State University campus in Logan, Utah.

The new facility is part of a greater College of Agriculture building program that will eventually include a federally funded Agricultural Research Services Building, which started design in May.

The COA Building was funded for design services in the 2009 Utah Legislature, looking to full funding from the 2010 Legislature. With the legislature’s OK this year, the new construction now underway will stand across USU’s famous Quad from the historic Old Main.

Jacobsen Construction of Salt Lake City was the contractor for the COA project.