Crews building the Regional Transportation District�s FasTracks West Corridor Light Rail Line reopened Denver�s West 6th Avenue 30 hours ahead of schedule after placing a light rail bridge over the freeway in April.

Crews spent the past several months assembling the 65-ft-tall, 286-ft-long, steel-tied arch structure along the south side of 6th Avenue near the Simms/Union exit. Over part of one weekend, they transported the bridge into its final position via a large dolly made of two 35-ft platforms with eight axles each. The arch traveled on guided rollers, pushed by hydraulic rams. Reaching speeds ranging from 10 ft to 25 ft per hour, the rollout exceeded expectations, allowing the freeway to reopen early.

The 12.1-mile West Corridor light line will operate between Denver Union Station in downtown Denver and the Jefferson County Government Center in Golden. The corridor is scheduled to open to the public in 2013.