Here is a summary of key milestones on the FasTracks transit program for Denver’s Regional Transportation District during 2012.

Courtesy of RTD
Girder installation along the FasTracks Eagle P3 East Rail Line to Denver International Airport.

1.  West Rail Line Testing – Completed first systems tests along the West Rail Line. Integrated testing continues until opening day, April 26.

2. I-225 Light Rail Line Contract – Awarded a contract to Kiewit Infrastructure Group to complete the full I-225 Rail Line by the end of 2015.

3. I-225 Segment One Construction – Began construction on the first segment of the I-225 Line from Nine Mile to Iliff through a highway/light rail construction partnership with the Colorado Dept. of Transportation.

4. Northwest Rail Segment One Construction – Began construction on the first segment of the Northwest Line up to Westminster.

5. Eagle P3 Bridges – Started construction on 20 bridges and structures on the East Line, Gold Line and first segment of Northwest Rail, also called the Eagle P3 project.

6. North Metro Design – Began final design on the North Metro Line up to 72nd Avenue.

7. Denver Union Station Renovation Contract – Awarded a contract to Union Station Alliance to develop the inside of the station building into a boutique hotel with retail and restaurant elements.

8. U.S. 36 BRT Construction – Started construction on the U.S. 36 Bus Rapid Transit project with CDOT.

9. FasTracks Internal Savings Account – RTD Board approved FasTracks Internal Savings Account to help fund FasTracks projects that are not fully funded. The savings account is comprised of eight items expected to generate nearly $300 million by 2017. The funds would be used to build the North Metro Line to at least 72nd Avenue and complete RTD’s commitment on the U.S. 36 BRT project.

10. Northwest Area Mobility Study – Established a process for the Northwest Area Mobility Study with northwest area stakeholders. The study will begin in February.

Among the agency’s 2013 highlights will be the opening of the West Rail Line eight months ahead of the original schedule, a construction groundbreaking for the full I-225 Rail Line, and completion of the Northwest Area Mobility Study.

Source: RTD, CDOT, MHC Dodge and other sources