Colorado will receive more than $500 million in American Recovery & Reinvestment Act funds for transportation projects statewide, with CDOT receiving nearly $330 million in federal highway funding and another $12.5 million in federal transit funding for projects in non-urbanized rural areas. The ARRA will also provide additional transportation funding directly to transit agencies and the three large metropolitan planning organizations in the state � Denver Regional Council of Governments, Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments and the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization � for their prioritized projects.

As a requirement of ARRA, CDOT had to have 50% of its funding committed to projects within 120 days. The remaining funding must be allocated to projects within one year.

CDOT ARRA Project Status as of Oct. 31
Gone to Bid 72
Projects Under Contract 67
Projects Under Construction 62
Projects Completed 8
Jobs Data as of October
9,815 direct jobs created or sustained
506,836 direct job hours created or sustained
$12.6 million in payroll from job hours created or sustained

Here is a sampling of CDOT ARRA-funded projects currently under construction throughout the state, click here »