Here is a brief list of energy-saving innovations designed for NREL’s Research Support Facilities.

• Transpired Solar Collectors – Outside ventilation air is passively preheated through collectors on the building’s south face before it’s delivered through an under-floor air distribution system. This is an NREL technology.

• Thermal Mass – An exterior wall assembly utilizes an insulated, precast concrete panel system to allow for nighttime cooling.

• Solar Control – Aggressive window shading addresses different orientations and positions of glazed openings, reducing heat gain during the summer while still providing daylighting.

• Natural Ventilation – Single-sided and cross-ventilation strategies to naturally ventilate the building, keeping every employee 30 ft from an operable window. All working spaces are designed for natural, passive cooling.

• Night Purging – The building’s system automatically operates specific windows at night to allow the cool summer nighttime air to cool the thermal mass of the building.

• Evaporating Cooling – Cooling for the ventilation system and building data center systems.

• Heat Recovery – Extensive heat recovery from the building data center and other waste heat streams is used to preheat air and water for other building uses.