Submitted by KPRS Construction Services

The new $45-million Beckman Coulter headquarters in Brea features innovative design solutions to typical office configurations. Since Beckman Coulter Inc. is a leading developer and manufacturer of complex biomedical testing systems that relies on innovation and collaboration to remain competitive in the marketplace, the project architect Gensler focused on promoting team collaboration through an open floor-plan layout.

The pHitness center, open Lemontree Café and the Living Room comprise the Town Center at the center of the Beckman Coulter campus. These distinct features promote wellness and innovation in an open outdoor layout, bringing employees together to collaborate and enjoy healthy lifestyles. Architectural graphics along the large mural wall and sign programming encourage wellness and the Beckman Coulter brand.

Both Gensler and KPRS expert staff worked with the client to provide an exceptional wet lab facility in conjunction with office spaces and the Town Hall center of the campus. The wet labs are used to perform research and testing for Beckman Coulter’s biomedical lab and testing products.

The incorporation of green design principles contributed to the project earning LEED gold certification for Commercial Interiors. The project keyed on several sustainable categories, such as energy savings, water efficiency, reduction of CO2 emissions, enhanced indoor environmental quality and conservation of materials and resources.

In addition, design incorporation of recycled materials at Beckman Coulter included the reuse of steel beams for the new exterior fa�ade feature. Within the campus, concrete floors were polished and used as a finished element, in accordance with a LEED innovation. Rebuilding the central plant equipment with a modern B.A.S. and installing 89% efficient light fixtures in all open offices provided drastic energy savings.

In addition to the health and wellness benefits of the space, the LEED gold certification proves the project elevates industry standards. Its innovative design, materials and new technology improve the quality of life for both employees and the surrounding community.

Project Team

Developer/Owner: Beckman Coulter Inc., Brea
General Contractor: KPRS Construction Services Inc., Brea
Construction Management: Jeff Gingold LLC, Corona del Mar
Architect: Gensler, Santa Monica
Civil Engineer: KPFF, Los Angeles
Structural Engineer: KPFF, Irvine
MEP Engineer: Consulting West, Westlake Village