Submitted by Robert A. Bothman Inc.

The project included the installation of a new synthetic turf field with an all-weather track at a San Francisco high school near Fisherman’s Wharf, and included concrete, athletic equipment, irrigation, storm drainage and electrical.

The site was very tight and compact because it was in downtown San Francisco, so no more than one or two trucks could be there at a time. There were issues with storage and general construction because of the tight space due to existing retaining walls that could not be removed.

All the poles and structures around the site had to be independent from the retaining walls because of that particular reason.

Coordination with many different contractors was the key to success for this project because of lack of access.

All the subcontractors and everyone affiliated with the project knew how important scheduling was to the team.

The project was innovative in terms of working around existing structures. The site was elevated above the adjacent streets with existing retaining walls around the field. The structure for the netting poles around the field needed to be independent of the retaining wall footings and at the same time adjacent to the footing based on the extremely small site.

Project Team

Developer/Owner: San Francisco Unified School District
General Contractor: Robert A. Bothman Inc., San Jose
Construction Management: Vanir Construction Management, San Francisco
Architect: Verde Design, Santa Clara
Structural Engineer: Messiti - Miller, Santa Cruz