Featured Product   05/01/2010
CS Unitec CS Unitec

The CS Unitec Model 7 is a Pneumatic-powered Air Mixer and is intended for mixing paint, glue, epoxy, mortar, concrete, refractory cement and other materials in hazardous environments. The mixer is ATEX-approved for use in EX zones with hazardous atmospheres, and is safe to be used around water. The mixer’s 1.5 hp motor has two speed settings of 0-190 rpm and 0-350 rpm, and has the capacity to mix batches of material up to 110 lb. The mixer uses 49 cfm of air at 90 psi and weighs only 15 lb. Mixing paddles are available for medium- and high-viscosity materials.

For additional information contact CS Unitec; 800-700-5919; www.csunitec.com.