The AGC Construction Education Foundation (AGC CEF) has formed an official partnership with the ACE Mentor Program in California.

While the two organizations have partnered on the national level and have worked closely on local levels for years, this is the first formal statewide partnership between an AGC state chapter and ACE Mentor affiliate. AGC CEF and ACE will work together to address the full pipeline of workforce regeneration from high school through training and/or post-secondary education. 

AGC CEF Board of Directors Chairperson Michelle Loveall says, “The partnership just makes sense; it makes sense for both organizations when it comes to maximizing resources and time, and it makes sense for our members who want support both organizations. More importantly, it makes sense for the young people we strive to serve by increasing the level of quality programs and scholarships we can provide. Together we can make a greater impact.”

AGC members and ACE affiliates and mentors can look forward to seeing a number of statewide joint ventures, including:

Formation of an ACE Student Scholarship Fund administered by the AGC Education Foundation.

AGC CEF will provide speakers and student chapter support for the ACE Mentor Summer Camp in July.

ACE will exhibit and provide student volunteers for AGC CEF Construction Career Awareness Day Events (TBD-October).

Development of a new project – the ACE/AGC Student Chapter Exchange Program, which will provide ACE students the opportunity to tour college campuses with active AGC student chapters and for AGC student chapter members to showcase their work and provide mentorship.

Development and submission of grant applications with the goal of funding additional staffing, scholarships and joint projects. 

Be on the lookout for information on the AGC CEF/ACE Partnership “Kick-Off” Reception, which is being planned for June.