Engineering News-Record, part of McGraw-Hill Construction and the leading construction news publication in the industry, announced that it will expand into seven regional markets with local coverage, rankings and insights beginning in January 2011. The markets include California, Midwest, Mountain States, Southeast, Southwest, Texas and New York.

“No one else has the depth, breadth and scope of ENR’s award-winning coverage — and now ENR is raising the bar in regional markets too,” says Keith Fox, president, McGraw-Hill Construction. “We saw an opportunity to strengthen ENR’s presence through regional editions. Consistent regional coverage adds value for our readers and advertisers and connects the brand even closer to the players, projects and trends that impact our industry.”

Starting with the January 10, 2011 issue, ENR will issue 46 total regional editions over the course of the year, inspired by the most popular and important ENR features, such as project news from McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge, regional firm rankings and profiles. In addition, a new feature called “City Scoop” will offer data about metropolitan areas from McGraw-Hill Construction Analytics.

“Trends tend to grow in an area, then flow from region to region, and then appear on the national stage,” says Janice L. Tuchman, editor-in-chief, ENR. “In a recent survey, ENR readers told us that regional information is extremely valuable to them, and we listened. ENR has always provided in-depth market information, and now our new regional editions will provide essential insights into local markets as well.”

In addition to the new regional coverage, ENR customers who post photos, promotions, personnel information and comments on may see their content in ENR’s regional editions. ENR’s editors will curate the submissions and select user-generated content to be featured in the new regional sections of ENR, adding even more value for firms seeking exposure in these key regional markets.

ENR’s regional media expansion will benefit the many locally-focused advertisers who, for years, have been seeking the audience, impact and power of the ENR brand at the regional level,” says Paul Bonington, publisher, ENR. “Now, like our national advertisers, they too will benefit from placing their product and brand messages in the high-quality content environment of ENR. National advertisers will also benefit from the increased geo-targeting now available. It’s a win-win.”