Terry O�Sullivan, general president of the Laborers� International Union of North America (LIUNA), reports the appointment of Northern California District Council of Laborers Business Manager Oscar De La Torre as LIUNA vice president at large.

Under the leadership of O�Sullivan, De La Torre will serve on the LIUNA general executive board. The general executive board is charged with implementing policy and direction for LIUNA�s operations.

�Oscar De La Torre has the experience, leadership and vision to assist the general executive board as we move forward to tackle the important issues facing working men and women throughout North America,� says O�Sullivan.

De La Torre
De La Torre

De La Torre is a third generation laborer and has dedicated his entire career to the advancement of the labor movement. Prior to his election to the Northern California District Council, De La Torre was the business manager/secretary-treasurer for Laborers� International Union Local No. 261. Under De La Torre, Local Union No. 261 increased and diversified its membership and currently serves over 3,000 men and women working in both private and public labor sectors.

De La Torre is co-chairman of the Northern California Health & Welfare, Northern California Pension Funds, Northern California Training & Retraining Fund and Northern California Apprenticeship Training Committee.

De La Torre currently sits on the board of the California Labor Federation, the Mission Housing Development Corp., the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR) and the Instituto Laboral De La Raza.