“And you said there was no loss of section, and again you eye-balled it, there were no specific measurements taken?”

“I didn't see any indication if there was loss of section, the answer is yes,” Wood said.

Carr-Harris asked Wood whether his report was accurate, given that Wood had removed the photo showing the tarps used as a leak-control system, and a rusted beam.

“Don’t you believe this misrepresents the actual condition?” said Carr-Harris.

“No. Because the report says the condition is surface rust.”

“Isn’t the mortgage company entitled to know a leakage system and rusted beam existed and you prevented them from being able to do so.”

“You could say that.”

“How could you do that to your partner?”

“I apologized for it.”

“You agree it’s not professional thing to do.”

“It was inappropriate without getting his opinion.”