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The following are completed or ongoing cases involving Edmund C. Scarborough and his company, IBCS, in federal district courts. The cases don't include lawsuits against the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (settled), the U.S. Army (ongoing) or those in state courts or actions involving state departments of insurance.

13  involve or involved Scarborough or IBCS-related bonds in which Scarborough or IBCS was the plaintiff or defendant.

  6  involve a payment bond going unpaid when a contractor could not pay subcontractors for a project. Three of those cases were settled out of court. One case is ongoing, and one ended in a default judgment agaisnt the contractor.

  4  involve a claim that the bond was denied and a refund for the premium was refused. Two ended in out-of-court settlements, one case is ongoing, and another was dismissed on all but one count, which was ruled in Scarborough's favor.

  cases were brought by Scarborough and IBCS agsint principals over preimium payment.

  1 involved a claim for Scarborough to finish a project following a default. The case was settled out of court.

Source: ENR research on PACER