New product announcements:   12/02/2009
Rotary hammers: Anti-Vibration System Rotary Hammers: Anti-Vibration System The new line of DeWALT heavy-duty SDS Rotary Hammers feature the SHOCKS Active Vibration-Control system, which reduces vibration by up to 50%. The 1-in. SDS hammers are capable of up to 4,300 bpm, with a large hammering mechanism that generates 2.5 ft-lb of impact energy. The D25323K and D25324K hammers are compatible with the DeWALT D25300DH dust-extraction system with HEPA filter. A quick-change keyless chuck system is available on the D25324K. DeWALT Power Tools; 800-433-9258;
Grading System: Upgraded for Reduced Error Grading System: Upgraded for Reduced Error The upgraded AccuGrade laser-based grading system for Caterpillar’s C-Series Skid-Steer Loaders, Multi-Terrain Loaders and Compact Track Loaders is able to establish flat or single-slope grades to within 0.25 in. without grade stakes. The system works with the loader’s auxiliary hydraulic system and integral controls to automatically adjust the elevation of the grading-box blade. Caterpillar; 800-342-0905;
Dual rotary-head drill rig: Goes Deep Dual Rotary-head Drill Rig: Goes Deep The B4000 TRD is a large-bore, dual rotary-head drill rig that is capable of drilling a 75-ft, 42-in.-dia. hole in a single pass. The procedure is made possible by the chucking system on the lower head that enables the use of a single piece of casing. Casing and drill tooling turn in opposite directions, with an independent rotary head driving each, allowing the hammer to be retracted or advanced in relation to the casing. Speed is variable across the entire rpm range for both rotary heads, and the counter rotation reduces strain on the tooling and casing. The rig can provide a maximum 339,400 ft-lb of torque to the lower rotary head and 82 tons of extraction force. Casagrande USA Inc.; 973-579-1907;
Liquid Level Measurement Device: Acoustic Pulse From a Distance Liquid Level Measurement Device: Acoustic Pulse From a Distance The Hawk Sultan series of acoustic-wave level transmitters can provide accurate measurement of liquid levels at a distance of up to 390 ft. The unit emits an acoustic-wave pulse that is reflected by the surface of the liquid being measured and processed by specially developed software. The included software and the transmitter’s use of both low and high frequencies are able to eliminate false echoes and ambient noise for a more accurate reading. The Sultan can be integrated into many different power sources for on-site usage, including two-, three- or four-wire configurations. Witt-Gasetechnik; 888-948-8427;
Rebar-Splicing Bolt: Many Uses Rebar-Splicing Bolt: Many Uses The Lenton Lock S-Series rebar-splice bolt is smaller than many comparable rebar bolts and exceeds the strength of ASTM A615 Grade 60 rebar. The bolt can be used in a variety of rebar-splicing applications, including those in columns, bridges, pilings and beams. The attaching bolt heads are designed to shear off when proper tightness is reached, which makes it easy to perform visual inspection. Erico; 440-542-3890;
Gooseneck welding gun: Prevents Damage to the Wire Gooseneck Welding Gun: Prevents Damage to the Wire The Panther Gooseneck is a new semiautomatic, push-pull welding gun from Lincoln-Electric that uses dual-driven rolls for added pulling power without damaging the wire. A full-length internal wire conduit is designed to minimize aluminum-wire shaving. The gooseneck design allows adjustments to suit the application, and the gun’s ball-and-socket design is intended to reduce operator strain. The rear-mounted trigger and adjustable potentiometer are located on the base of the handle for easier operation. The Quick-Mate gun cables can be swapped for different lengths or converted for water-cooling. Lincoln Electric; 888-355-3213;
Carbon-dioxide monitor: Can Deactivate Machinery Carbon-dioxide Monitor: Can Deactivate Machinery The Witt RLA 100 is a carbon-dioxide monitoring and warning device capable of shutting off related machinery or starting personnel extraction in the event of an alarm. The sensor is able to provide warning of unhealthy levels of carbon-dioxide, which is colorless and odorless. The RLA 100 operates in two components, with the compact gas detector placed directly inside of the hazard area and the signalling unit placed outside. The unit has both a visible and auditory alarm, and its sensitivity can be adjusted according to working conditions.
Witt-Gasetechnik; 888-948-8427;
Rockfall Protection: Modular Installation Rockfall Protection: Modular Installation Geobrugg GBE Rockfall Protection Barriers are designed to protect against impact energy of up to 1000 kJ. A modular, lightweight steel-mesh design requires only simple post anchorage due to low force transmission. No secondary mesh is needed. The ground plates work in soil or rock. Geobrugg; 505-438-6161;