New product announcements:   11/25/2009
Balance the Load: Spread-Axle Trailer Balance the Load: Spread-Axle Trailer The Equalizer is a nitrogen-assisted dampening system now integrated into Talbert 55SA and 60SA spread-axle heavy-load trailers. The system is able to hydraulically transfer loads in all terrain conditions. It provides proportional weight distribution for each axle grouping to reduce stress on loads. Talbert Manufacturing, Inc.; 800-348-5232;
Getting Down: Controlled-Descent Rescue Device Getting Down: Controlled-Descent Rescue Device The Miller SafEscape ELITE Rescue/Descent Device is a controlled-descent device that is rated for one or two users at a time. Designed for use in rescue situations from elevated heights, with custom-designed kits for wind-energy and tower-crane applications. The rescue device has a maximum descent height of 1,640 ft. The SafEscape ELITE meets multiple safety regulations, including the European EN341/2008 Standard. The device has an extended service life, and unused units require factory recertification after seven years. Miller Fall Protection; 800-873-5242;
Keeping Level: Pavement-Control System Keeping Level: Pavement-Control System The Trimble PCS900 Paving Control System is an automatic 3D screed control system designed to reduce wasted asphalt and result in a smoother final surface. It can handle complex paving designs without a reference surface or string line and can be switched from 3D to 2D paving profiles. Trimble; 800-874-6253;
Geothermal drill rig: Only Requires One Operator Geothermal Drill Rig: Only Requires One Operator The Astec EarthPro Geothermal 4550x is a drill rig designed specifically for geothermal system installations. The rig has a rack-and-pinion design, with no chains, cables or hydraulic cylinders to replace. It features an automatic pipe loader system, which allows a single operator to drill and trip out up to 600 ft of pipe without the aid of a winch. The pipe basket can hold up to 30 segments of 20-ft pipe in diameters of 3.5 in., 4 in. or 4.5 in. The rig is powered by a three-speed motor capable of 45,000 lb of pull-up and 22,000 lb of pull-down. Astec Underground; 865-408-2116;