New product announcements:   11/18/2009
Road Barrier System: Able To Take an Impact Road Barrier System: Able To Take an Impact The NU-TEN Terminal End is designed to anchor a high-tensioned cable-barrier system. The trigger post can accommodate a three-, four- or five-cable barrier, allowing for different configurations depending on necessary barrier conditions. During a vehicle impact, the cables disconnect from the top of the trigger post and the cable barrier is immediately detensioned, reducing the chance of the vehicle vaulting, rolling or snagging. The system’s ground strut and the three rebar-cage assemblies are secured in the ground by concrete pilings cast into 18-in.-dia. holes at least 100 in. in depth. Nucor Steel Marion Inc. Highway Products; 800-333-4011;
Trenchless Pipe Replacement: Minimal Disruption Trenchless Pipe Replacement: Minimal Disruption The Mini-Grundotugger allows trenchless replacement of service and utility lines. The hydraulically powered pipe-replacement machine splits 1⁄2-in. to 3⁄4-in. copper and 1⁄2-in. to 2-in. PE and PVC pipe up to 100 ft in length with minimal disruption to ground conditions. The Mini-Grundotugger can be operated by a one- or two-person crew, and pulling times can average up to 15 ft per minute. Two models are available, offering 9,000 lb of pullback and 12,000 lb of pullback, respectively. TT Technologies; 800-5332078;
Compact wheel loader: Accepts Many Attachments Compact Wheel Loader: Accepts Many Attachments The Cat 907 Compact Wheel Loader has a Cat C3.4 diesel engine capable of 70 net hp and a two- speed hydrostatic drive. The machine has a skid-steer-loader-type coupler and accepts a wide range of Cat attachments. Standard auxiliary hydraulics, proportional third-function valve and a continuous-flow capability allow for use of attachments such as trenchers and stump grinders. An optional 33-gpm high-flow system allows use of demanding tools such as cold planers and snow blowers. Parallel-lift Z-bar loader linkage keeps fork loads from shifting unexpectedly, while differential locks in both axles keep traction in poor ground conditions. Caterpillar; 309-675-8995 ;
Welding Fume Extractor: Easy-To-Clean Filter Welding Fume Extractor: Easy-To-Clean Filter The FILTAIR 130 is a welding-fume extractor capable of capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns. It features a single filter that can be cleaned easily using compressed air. The FILTAIR 130 is able to filter up to 132 cfm of air at only 68.5 decibels. An 8-ft collection hose is standard, with optional 17-ft and 34-ft hoses available. They are connected to funnel or slotted nozzles or a fume-extraction welding gun. The device weighs only 46 lb and can be easily wheeled or carried to a work area. Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; 800-426-4553;
Automated 3d station: Long-Range Laser Automated 3D Station: Long-Range Laser The Net1 Automated 3D Station has a 1-in. angle accuracy and features several improvements over earlier Sokkia Stations, including a longer-range EDM and a laser option for precise measurements. The Net1 has a 980-ft reflectorless range, and its built-in laser can be used for automatic profile projection on tunnel faces and in other underground construction, with a beam that reaches up to 2,300 ft. The station has an operating temperature range of -4°F to 122°F and is water- and dust-resistant. Sokkia; 800-476-5542;