New product announcements:   11/11/2009
Corded Drill: Good Power for a Small Size Corded Drill: Good Power for a Small Size The Milwaukee 0240-20 ⅜-in. Corded Drill is the company’s first offering in the ⅜-in. drill category, and is intended for small-diameter drilling and fastening applications. The drill is powered by an 8-amp motor and has a zero-to-2,800-rpm variable speed. It features an all-metal gear case, keyless chuck and soft-grip handle with a clamshell-style plastic housing. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;
Mobile Crane Sensors: Bright Mobile Crane Sensors: Bright The iVISOR Mentor E165 system is a load indicator and proximity sensor for mobile cranes that lack integrated feedback displays. The EI65 can provide a continuous display of boom angle, boom length, radius and parts of line and alerts the operator to impending collisions. The E165 can display proximity information for nearby buildings, transmission lines and other obstructions. Hirshmann Automation and Control Inc.; 717-263-7655;
Air/water Vacuum Extractor: Powerful Pull Air/water Vacuum Extractor: Powerful Pull The Xtreme line of combination air/water vacuum excavators features a 1,200-cu-ft-per-minute positive displacement blower for work in difficult ground conditions. The extractor is powered by a 99-hp Kubota diesel engine and a 5.6-gallon-per-minute water system. It is available in 500-, 800- and 1,200-gallon tank versions, and it can be se up in a trailer or a skid-mounted configuration. McLaughlin Group; 800-435-9340;
Welding Power Source: Multiprocess Welding Power Source: Multiprocess The Lincoln Electric Power Wave S350 Welder is a portable, multiprocess welder power source that allows for automatic input voltage reconnection. Users can connect automatically to input power ranging from 200 to 600 volts, 50 or 60 Hz and single or three phase with no manual reconnect. The S350 can be used when welding on a wide variety of materials, particularly when performance is critical. Lincoln Electric Co.; 888-355-3213;
Pressurized paving screed: Prevent Uneven Surfaces Pressurized Paving Screed: Prevent Uneven Surfaces The Screed Boost is a new feature on Roadtec Screed Assists that reduces the effects of settling on the screed when the paver is moving or stopped. Rubber tires on pavers can shift during operation, causing the screed to descend unexpectedly. The new Screed Boost pressurizes the bottom of the screed so that it can only lift or descend as intended when stopped. A delay can be set so the screed returns to a free-floating position only after the paver is back up to speed. Roadtec; 423-265-0600;
Radiant infrared heating system: Multiple Configurations To Suit the Space Radiant Infrared Heating System: Multiple Configurations To Suit the Space The LTU Series is a gas-fired infrared heater designed for heating large indoor spaces at a low intensity. Intended for large, open indoor spaces such as vehicle storage bays and hangers, the LTU Series ranges in capacity from 40,000 to 250,000 BTU per hour. The heaters have minimum mounting heights from 10 ft to 18 ft, depending on capacity. This radiant heating system can be configured to fit the particulars of a space. Space-Ray Infrared Heaters; 800-438-4936;
Angle Grinder: Durable Housing Angle Grinder: Durable Housing The Makita GA4530 4-½-in. angle grinder is powered by a 6-amp motor that is capable of delivering 11,000 rpm in a variety of grinding applications. The grinder has a small barrel grip and weighs only 3.1 lb. The grinding wheel can be rotated 90°, and the handle can be mounted on either side or on top, depending on the cutting application. Several features are intended to extend the life of the tool, including machined bevel gears and all-ball-bearing design and metal gear housing. Seals are intended to prevent direct paths for dust and debris to prevent damage to the motor. The GA4530 can be used in many different applications, including cutting brick and masonry, ferrous metal and rust as well as paint removal, and metal polishing. Makita; 800-462-5482;
Testing Steel Piles: Calculate Length Indirectly Testing Steel Piles: Calculate Length Indirectly Testing Steel Piles: Calculate Length Indirectly The Length Inductive Test Equipment, or LITE, from Pile Dynamics is able to evaluate the length of in-place steel piles. An inductive sensor for the LITE is lowered into a PVC-lined hole drilled within 18 in. of the pile to be tested. The sensor is able to detect the presence of metal or other conductive materials by employing the inductive field method, allowing for the calculation of pile depth without having to directly access the buried steel pile. Pile Dynamics Inc.; 216-831-6131;
Waterproofing System: Easy To Apply Waterproofing System: Easy To Apply Waterproofing System: Easy To Apply The Turbo-Seal P Waterproofing System is a flexible gel that bonds to substrates to form a watertight membrane. It consists of a highly elastometric polymer rubber with integrated adhesives. According to the manufacturer, the gel’s long-term elastic properties allow it to accommodate a wide temperature range. No primer is needed. OCM Inc.; 866-457-5710;
Heavy-Duty Crane: New Attachments Heavy-Duty Crane: New Attachments Link Belt’s 75-ton TCC-750 telecrawler crane is now available in North America. The crane sports several new features, including a hydraulic earth auger as well as a work platform. The boom is 38-115 ft with a maximum tip height of 121 ft. Link-Belt; 859-263-5200;
Steam-Flow Meter: No Moving Parts Steam-Flow Meter: No Moving Parts Designed for measuring compressed steam flow in HVAC applications, the RNS Series of flow meters can measure non-condensing steam and saturated process steam at pressures up to 150 psi. The meters can be used in boiler monitoring and related systems. The meters have no moving parts and do not require regular maintenance. The meters work in operating temperatures of -20°F to 366°F. An optional external sensor can compensate for temperature and pressure changes to get a more accurate reading. The meters are available for pipe sizes from 6 to 72 in. and can be easily reconfigured for different applications using PC-based software. Racine Vortex; 262-417-1151;