New product announcements:   11/04/2009
Pavement recycling system: Allows Material Reuse in Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Recycling System: Allows Material Reuse in Hot-Mix Asphalt The Asphalt Drum Mixer asphalt-recycling systems allow the use of milled asphalt material in hot-mix asphalt. The recyclers have a 15-ton capacity and are continuously welded at the seams, with midsection stiffeners for reinforcement. The 2-ft-wide conveyor is between 45 ft and 65 ft long, with a channel frame and a wind shroud for accurate weighing. The recycler comes in both a trailer-mounted portable model and a stationary model. Asphalt Drum Mixers Inc.; 260-637-5729;
Welding Gun: Many Options To Meet the Task at Hand Welding Gun: Many Options To Meet the Task at Hand

The Dura-Flux self-shielded flux-cored welding gun is now available in six cable lengths ranging from 8 ft to 25 ft, with several new options: a small trigger guard for easier working in tight spaces and a large heat shield to provide better protection from radiant heat. A new heavy-duty contact tip is designed to prevent “arc-out” during welding in deep joints. Dura-Flux’s gun plugs are compatible with all major wire-feeder brands. Bernard Welding Equipment; 800-946-2281;

Cordless Drywall Screwdriver: Powerful Cordless Drywall Screwdriver: Powerful

The Hilti SD 4500-A18 Drywall Screwdriver is powered by an 18-V lithium-ion battery and has a target run time of two hours. It has a maximum no-load running speed of 4,200 RPM and is designed for drywall work such as exterior sheathing, drywall to metal, drywall to wood and framing. The SD 4500-A18 easily can be switched to both single- and collated-screw driving. Hilti; 800-879-8000;

Amphibious excavator treads: Handles Soft Soils Amphibious Excavator Treads: Handles Soft Soils

The Amphibious Marsh Buggy is designed to allow excavators in the 20-ton class to operate in wetlands, waterways, shorelines and similar conditions. The Marsh Buggy features two hydraulic motors on each set of tracks, with a three-rail system that connects the tread’s shoes and cleats directly to the chain to uniformly distribute the pulling force. The pontoons are expandable and can be partially retracted to reduce the machines footprint. LongReachHighReach LLC; 888-988-5747;

Floor Membrane: Easy To Install Floor Membrane: Easy To Install

Mapeguard 2 is a 40-mil crack-isolation and sound-reduction floor membrane that features an easy-to-remove split-back release liner to speed installation. The membrane has a rigid design, so it does not lose its shape when the liner is removed. It contains a high post-industrial recycled content, which qualifies it for LEED points. Mapei Americas; 800-426-2734;