New product announcements:  10/21/2009
Compact crawler dozer: Gets Into Small Spaces Compact Crawler Dozer: Gets Into Small Spaces The Case 650L Crawler Dozer has a scaled-down profile and is intended for work in confined areas at residential and commercial construction sites. The lower overall weight and operating height, compared with other Case crawler dozers, allows the 650L to work under low overhangs and on soft soils that restrict larger machines. The 650L delivers 74 net hp with a Tier 3 diesel four-cylinder Case engine with electronic fuel injection. It features a hydrostatic drive for precise power turning and maneuverability. Case Construction Equipment; 866-542-2736;
Concrete Finishing: Lightweight Alternative Concrete Finishing: Lightweight Alternative The Economy-Series Walk-Behind Power Trowel is designed for concrete-finishing jobs that do not require the power of larger walk-behind power trowels. The machines are lighter than those in the Pro Series and are available at a lower price. The E-Series is available with both 36-in.-and 30-in.-dia. rotor configuration and is powered by a 5.5-hp Honda engine. Other features of the E-Series include twist-pitch blade adjustment and a handlebar-mounted safety kill switch. Allen Engineering; 870-236-7751;
Pipeline installation: Boring Machine Works In the Trench Pipeline Installation: Boring Machine Works In the Trench The CBM 48 Cradle Earth Boring Machine is designed to speed installation of steel casing used in long-distance pipeline applications. The CBM 48 is capable of installing steel casings ranging from 10 in. to 48 in. dia., and casing sections up to 120 ft can be installed in one pass. Unlike in pit-launched auger boring, no excavated construction pit is necessary, only a trench the length of the casing. This reduces setup time and the time spent between bores. The CBM 48 is powered by a 162 hp air-cooled, turbocharged Duetz diesel engine and is capable of producing 170,000 ft lb of auger torque. McLaughlin Boring Systems; 800-435-9340;
Compact Band Saw: Smaller Size, Gets In Close Compact Band Saw: Smaller Size, Gets In Close The Milwaukee Compact Band Saw is almost 45% lighter than deep-cut band saws and is used for cutting in place, overhead or in tight spaces. The saw features a 3¼-in. by 3¼-in. cut capacity and can handle many MEC and HVAC cutting applications, including single-pass cuts on 3-in. copper, 3-in. angle iron and 2½-in. conduit. It also has an adjustable materials guide for flush cuts against flat surfaces. Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; 800-729-3878;
Pavement Surfacing Compound: Protect From Spalling Pavement Surfacing Compound: Protect From Spalling The Endurablend System is a polymer-cement slurry surfacing intended to serve as a barrier over asphalt and concrete pavement. An acrylic compound is mixed on-site with Type I portland cement, specially sieved aggregate and other materials. The resulting surfacing is designed to resist skidding, spalling and raveling. It can be applied as thin as 1⁄8 in. and sets quickly. Endurablend Systems; 601-596-7853;