New product announcements:  09/30/2009
Utility Vehicle Storage covers: Lockable Utility Vehicle Storage covers: Lockable Tonneau covers previously intended for pickup trucks are now available in models designed for Kubota RTVs and John Deere Gators. The lockable bed covers are capable of supporting up to 250 lb of tie-down weight. Other Diamondback UTV accessories include roofs, floor mats, bumpers, arm guards and rear-bed racks. All the accessories are available in both uncoated polished aluminum and black with protective coatings. Diamondback Truck Covers; 800-935-4002;
Residential Backup Generator: Lightweight Residential Backup Generator: Lightweight The RS20000 from Cummins Onan is a backup generator for residential use. It features engine and alternator heaters for start-up in cold weather, a weatherproof enclosure and an integrated polypropylene base that eliminates the need for a concrete base. The generator is light enough to be transported by a single person using a handcart and is able to fit through 36-in.-wide gates and openings. Cummins Onan; 800-344-0039;
JobSite GNSS Receiver: Track Equipment Positioning JobSite GNSS Receiver: Track Equipment Positioning The Topcon NET-G3A GNSS receiver allows for the expansion of a jobsite data-tracking network. The receiver features Topcon’s Paradigm G3 chip and delivers consistent tracking on all available satellite signals. The receiver can function as part of a larger network or act independently as a real-time kinematic base station. An HTML web interface allows for remote coordination of the receiver, and it also features USB connectivity and a removable CF memory card. Topcon Positioning Systems; 925-245-8300;
Low-Vibration Breaker: Versatile Low-Vibration Breaker: Versatile The TE 1000-AVR Breaker can be used in the demolition of concrete slabs, digging into clay or removal of heavy floor tiles. According to the manufacturer, the TE 1000’s anti-vibration system results in reduced user fatigue. Three-chamber sealing prevents dust from entering the motor, and a power-reduction switch reduces output by 30% for precision work. Hilti; 800-879-8000;
Concrete Inspection: Compact Ground-Penetrating Radar System Concrete Inspection: Compact Ground-Penetrating Radar System The StructureScan Mini is a single-unit, ground-penetrating radar system designed for concrete inspection. It is able to locate rebar, conduits and post-tension cables, and it can determine concrete thickness. The GPR system has a 1,600-Mhz center frequency and is able to reach depths of up to 16 in. in concrete. It features a laser-positioning system and 4-wheel-drive survey encoder to help mark targets. A 5.7-in. LED backlit color display allows for clear viewing of the data without requiring post-processing of the data. The system is dust- and water-resistant. GSSI; 800-524-3011;