New product announcements:  09/02/2009
Welding Respirator: Lightweight Design Welding Respirator: Lightweight Design

The Powered Air Purifying Respirator provides a clean supply of air to welders in a fully portable system. The PAPR has a 3.5-lb blower that is worn on the back with shoulder straps. It has a built-in HEPA filter and features two air speeds to adjust the volume of air to suit conditions. The blower supplies air to an included Elite helmet. The helmet features auto-darkening cartridges and a lightweight design. The system is powered by a lithium-ion battery with an 8-hour battery life. Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; 920-734-9821;

Pipe Hanger: Quick Attachment Pipe Hanger: Quick Attachment The Caddy Microflex Plus NI 429 split-ring hanger features a quick-closing design for fast installation of CPVC pipe and steel pipe in fire-protection applications. The ring hanger has a welded M10 cap nut for attachment to a threaded rod, and does not require any surge restraints. The ring hanger has a recessed welding area and flared edges to prevent any damage when the pipes undergo thermal expansion, and has a zinc-coated finish to prevent corrosion. Erico; 4400-542-3890;
Massive Mining Trucks: New Electric Drive Coming This Fall Massive Mining Trucks: New Electric Drive Coming This Fall Caterpillar’s new additions to its F-Series of mining trucks will include the 795F AC electric-drive truck. The 345-ton capacity truck is Cat’s first entry into this size class, and will feature four-corner blended braking and retarding. It is powered by a 16-cylinder, 3,400-hp C175 diesel engine. Production of the electric-drive truck is slated to begin this month. Caterpillar; 309-675-1000;
Lightweight TIG Welding Torch: Air-Cooled Grout Pumps: Lighter Aluminum Design The GP series of Grout Pumps are designed to pump most types of cementious grout. There are four manually operated and two air-powered pumps in the GP series, and they can be used for grouting metal door frames as well as filling hollows in concrete block walls. All models are now available in lighter aluminum versions. Kenrich Products Inc.; 502-281-6190;
Respirator: More Adjustable Respirator: More Adjustable The Advantage 420 Respirator is designed to provide a better fit and faster adjustment of straps. The respirator features the AnthroCurve II multi-ethnic face-seal design that is able to adjust to different head sizes and facial contours. Its UniBond face piece is designed to reduce the chance of multiple leaks and has a textured sealing surface that reduces slippage in hot and humid working conditions. The adjustment straps on the front help fit the mask, and the yoke and harness design enables a quick switch between drop-down and lock-down configuration. MSA; 800-672-2222;