New product announcements:  07/08/2009
Monitoring fuel Usage: Wireless System Logs Data Monitoring Fuel Usage: Wireless System Logs Data

The OEM Data Delivery Secure Fuel System wirelessly logs usage of fuel on multiple vehicles and is able to generate analytic reports with GPS coordinates. Multiple trackers can be integrated into a single system. The reports can be accessed by email or through a password-protected Website. OEM Data Delivery; 203-929-8431;

Small Inspector: Checking Concrete Small Inspector: Checking Concrete

Part of the GSSI Structure Scan line, the 2000-MHz Palm Antenna uses ground-penetrating radar for concrete inspection. The Palm Antenna is only 31⁄2 in. square, allowing for concrete inspection in tight corners and within 2 in. of walls. The device has a 2000-MHz center frequency and can check depths up to 10 in. to 12 in. in concrete. Geophysical Survey Systems Inc.; 603-893-1109;

Cleaner Dewatering: Compressor Prevents Spills Cleaner Dewatering: Compressor Prevents Spills

The Envirprime system for Thompson dry prime pumps is designed to prevent discharge of chemical or other waste during dewatering operations. The system uses an air compressor to separate air from water passing through the pump, allowing for the flow to continue without any blow-by discharge. Able to handle lifts up to 28 ft, the system can pump solids up to 3 in., as well as sand and mud. Thompson Pump; 800-767-7310;