New product announcements:  07/01/2009
Soil-Mixing Cutter Drums: Digging Deep Soil-Mixing Cutter Drums: Digging Deep

The Casagrande/TEC Cutter soil-mixer rigs feature soil-mixing cutter drums mounted on a dual-motor frame that is attached to a base by a Kelly bar. The rig can mix soil at depths ranging from 17 to 30 meters and fits Casagrande base carriers. The machine can be used to construct temporary diaphragm walls and cut-off walls. Depending on soil conditions, drilling rates can be as high as 35 sq m per hour. During use, cement slurry is mixed with excavated earth at the bottom of the tool, so the quantity of excavated earth is relatively small. It is controlled by a touch-screen control panel, which has information on soil conditions. Casagrande USA Inc.; 973-579-1906;

Diamond Saw Blades: For Cutting Concrete Diamond Saw Blades: For Cutting Concrete

Shoxx diamond tools now include the G13 blade as well as a series of surfacing cup wheels. The G13 is designed to cut cleanly through concrete, and, according to the manufacturer, the blade segments’ trapezoidal shape significantly reduces vibration. The cup wheels also are designed to reduce vibration and are able to grind concrete, cements, epoxy resins and other materials. Shoxx Technology; 312-327-5261;

Standing on Firm Ground: Soil-Stabilizing Geocell Standing on Firm Ground: Soil-Stabilizing Geocell

Neoweb is a soil-reinforcing geocell system that can be used to stabilize soft soils for paved and unpaved roads, slopes and channels when filled with soil. The honeycombed, cellular-confinement system allows projects to use inferior infill materials and recycled material, reducing overall costs. Cell heights range from 3 in to 8 in. Strata Systems Inc.; 800-680-7750;

Redesigned Skid-Steer Loader: Improved Hydraulics Redesigned Skid-Steer Loader: Improved Hydraulics

The new Bobcat S630 skid-steer loader is the first of the M Series and has a rated operating capacity of 2,180 lb and an operating weight of 7,700 lb. The S630 sports a redesigned hydraulic system that boasts a 15% boost in hydraulic horsepower over earlier models. It has a standard auxiliary hydraulic flow of 23 gallons per minute at 3,500 psi and an optional high flow reaching 30.5 gallons per minute during heavy operation. A removable hydraulic hose guide simplifies the changing of attachments by ensuring the correct routing of hoses. The new M Series loaders feature holes for frame-mounted counterweights to improve control with certain attachments, as well as improved traction and fuel capacity. The loader’s built-in forward lighting has been replaced with a system capable of high-intensity illumination for working at night. Bobcat; 866-823-7898;

Pipeline Cutter: Water-Powered for Clean Cuts Pipeline Cutter: Water-Powered for Clean Cuts

The HydroCut self-propelled pipeline cutter is able to travel inside pipelines from a single point of entry and can generate 5 hp at 30,000 rpm to mill quickly and cut through tough materials. The cutter is water-powered, allowing it to cut cleaner than comparable pneumatic cutters. A built-in camera is cleaned by a jet of water to ensure visibility. The machine is available in four sizes, for pipe ranging from 4-in. to 24-in. dia. Envirosight; 866-936-8476;

Rebar Supports: Chemically Resistant Rebar Supports: Chemically Resistant

The Lenton line of plastic rebar supports are designed for use in tilt-up, precast and cast-in-place-concrete slab and deck construction. They can be used with any kind of reinforcing steel, including stainless, black and epoxy-coated rebar. The supports are corrosion-free and qualify as CRSI Class 1 bar supports. The set includes rebar chairs, slab/beam bolsters and wagon wheels. They are concrete-colored and have a strong yet flexible construction. ERICO; 800-248-2677;