New product announcements:  05/27/2009
Wheeled Excavator: Heavy Duty and Road Ready Wheeled Excavator: Heavy Duty and Road Ready The EW230C wheeled excavator is in the 20-ton weight class, and is designed for heavy-lifting applications such as the laying of large pipe and digging into hard materials. The rear axle weight does not exceed 12 tons when fitted with a standard counterweight, allowing the excavator to travel on roads. The excavator features a heavy-duty slew ring for extra durability, and a two-pump load-sensing hydraulic system. It is available with a either a mono or two-piece 18-ft, 8-in. boom. Volvo Construction Equipment; 828-650-2000;
Circular Saw: High Power in Lightweight Form Circular Saw: High Power in Lightweight Form The HD5687 is a 15-amp circular saw with an all-ball-bearing motor that incorporates the handle of a worm-drive saw into a lightweight design. The saw has a 51-degree bevel capacity allowing for a wide range of cutting angles. It also features a 20-amp AC/DC switch, anti-snag lower guard, rear-view depth adjustment, stamped-steel foot plate and a spindle lock. SKIL Power Tools; 877-754-5999;
Portable insect-repellent lantern: Small Sizes Covers a Wide Area Portable Insect-repellent Lantern: Small Sizes Covers a Wide Area The ThermaCELL Mini Insect Repellent Lantern is a cordless, insect repellent lantern that is able to repel insects within a 15-ft by 15-ft area. The 4-in.-tall lantern is highly portable, and several can be used in concert to cover a wide area. The lantern is activated by a single button press, which ignites a small butane cartridge to vaporize the insecticide cartridge. The insecticide is not harmful to humans or animals, and the lantern will provide coverage within 15 minutes of activation. According to the manufacturer, the lantern repels 98% of all biting insects, including mosquitoes. While in operation, the lantern is odorless and silent. ThermaCELL; 866-753-3837;
Chilly Pipes: Quick Temperature Readings Chilly Pipes: Quick Temperature Readings The ATC1 and ATC1R K-type pipe clamp for thermocouples allows for the quick assessment of refrigerant pipe temperatures during HVAC installation or modification. The clamps self-stabilizes in under 30 seconds, with self-indexing jaws to maximize grip surface. A snub-nose design allows it to grip pipes against walls. Fieldpiece Instruments Inc.; 714-634-1844;
Articulated Truck Chassis: Custom Machines Articulated Truck Chassis: Custom Machines CAT now offers a family of their articulated truck bare chassis without a dump body to support specialty machines not currently available from CAT. The bare chassis can be configured for water trucks, high-capacity waste transport and other applications requiring specialized machinery. Caterpillar; 309-675-1000;