New Product Announcements:   05/13/2009
Tube-framing system: No Welds Needed Tube-framing System: No Welds Needed The tube-framing clamp system allows for the framing of roof opening without welding. The lack of welds saves time and simplifies construction, and the clamps can be relocated and adjusted as needed with minimal disassembly. Each system has a distributed load capacity of 3,000 lb. End clamps slide over joists and under a roof deck, which allows for the framing to be installed with the roof deck already in place.
Chicago Clamp Co.; 708-343-8311;
Water Heater: Storage Tank Prevents Scaling Water Heater: Storage Tank Prevents Scaling Armor Water Heaters are now available in three new models, with inputs ranging from 150,000 to 800,000 Btu per hour. The water heaters are designed for use with external tanks and have a separate unfired tank for heated water to prevent scaling damage. The heaters feature a 5:1 turndown burner that enables them to operate at 20% of their full input. The unit can be installed with up to seven other water heaters and configured to balance the demand depending on the circumstances.
Lochinvar Corp.; 615-889-8900;
Safety Railing: Little Assembly Needed Safety Railing: Little Assembly Needed EasyRail is a safety railing kit that comes with prebuilt upright sections for faster installation. The railings meet OSHA standards and can be assembled with only a hex key. They can be attached to a surface using either bolts or chemical anchors.
EasyFit Inc.; 877-327-9348;
Fast Rescue Line: Rescue Line Designed for Multiple Trips Fast Rescue Line: Rescue Line Designed for Multiple Trips The Rollgliss R500 rescue and escape device allows for self-rescue and controlled descent as well as fast multiple rescues. Intended for use in wind-turbine, utility-pole and tower construction, the R500 has controlled descent speeds of two to three feet per second. Its bidirectional rope design allows one end to descend while the other is raised up for another descent. The system can be used at heights up to 1,000 ft and has an optional lifting wheel for assisted descent.
Capital Safety; 800-328-6146;
Glass Railings: Fast Installation Glass Railings: Fast Installation GRS Taper-Loc is a dry-glaze glass-installation system that can mount glass railing panels onto any substrate. The system is designed to resist high wind loads and other environmental damage, achieving both IBC standards and Miami-Dade County certification.
C.R. Lawrence; 800-421-6144;
Hydraulic Breaker: Fully Encased Design Hydraulic Breaker: Fully Encased Design The SB 452 is an hydraulic breaker attachment with a maximum impact rate of 1,260 blows per minute, a 63% increase over the model it is replacing. The breaker weighs 972 lb and is suitable for carriers in the 6.5- to 13-metric-ton range. It requires an oil flow of 14.5 to 27.7 gallons per minute at a pressure range of 1,450 to 2,175 psi. A built-in pressure-release valve ensures the breaker does not exceed operating pressure. All parts of the breaker are encased in a single iron-alloy casing.
Atlas Copco Construction Equipment; 303-287-8822;
Concrete Repair: An Epoxy for Every SituationConcrete Repair: An Epoxy for Every Situation Concrete Repair: An Epoxy for Every Situation Four new epoxies for interior and exterior con­crete repair are available. Planibond AE is an epoxy anchoring gel that adheres to con­crete, steel and other structural materials. Planibond CR 50 is a low-viscosity resin for penetrating concrete cracks. Planibond JF is a self-leveling epoxy for concrete floors. Planiseal Traffic Coat prevents damage to bridges and roadways.
MAPEI Americas; 800-426-2734;