New product announcements:  03/04/2009
Self-Cleaning Drain: No Clogs Self-Cleaning Drain: No Clogs The Permaflow self-cleaning drain by PF WaterWorks replaces the standard p-trap on kitchen and bath sinks used to prevent sewer gases from entering a building. Its clear plastic body is engineered to increase turbulence in the drain and surrounds a wiper that is rotated by turning an external wheel to remove clogs. The see-through capability also allows items to be retrieved from the trap.
PF WaterWorks; 877-265-9777;
Rugged Light Truck Tire: Takes Heavy Loads Rugged Light Truck Tire: Takes Heavy Loads The new Wrangler DuraTrac is designed for pickups and other light trucks that need to get around rough jobsites. The tire’s heavy tread rubber helps prevent chipping, chunking or tearing during heavy hauling. Highly angled tread blocks give better traction in mud or snow. A built-in rim protector prevents wheel damage from curbs and other impediments.
Goodyear Tires;
Fast Pipe Cutter: Slice Pipe at the Site Fast Pipe Cutter: Slice Pipe at the Site The Easy Cut Pipe Cutter uses a system of rollers and a hydraulically controlled saw arm to cut large diameter pipe in far less time than with hand-operated tools. It is able to cut a 36-in.-dia. concrete pipe in about 10 minutes. The saw can cut all pipe types up to 72-in., and can be set up at the jobsite. It is powered by a 65-hp diesel engine, and has a 150-gallon water tank for single-point dust control.
Easy Cut LLC; 706-678-6256;
Telehandler: Improved Hydraulics For a Smoother Lift Telehandler: Improved Hydraulics For a Smoother Lift The Cat TH407 Telehandler has a rated load capacity of 8,100 lb and a two-section boom that gives it a 24-ft lift height. It is powered by a Tier III Cat C4.4 diesel engine that is available in either a mechanically controlled configuration at 100 hp, or an electronically controlled configuration at 125 hp. Load-sensing hydraulics allow all three boom functions to be operated simultaneously, giving the operator greater control. According to the manufacturer, the TH407’s Z-bar linkage and improved breakout force result in better digging performance than in previous models. Improvements to the cab include larger window areas and an LCD instrumentation panel.
Caterpillar; 309-675-1000;
Clamping Sawhorse: Stable Work Surface Clamping Sawhorse: Stable Work Surface The Jawhorse is a tripod-style steel-frame work area with a clamping jaw to hold plywood sheets and other materials in place. It can bear up to 600 lb, and its clamping jaw can exert up to 2,200-lb of gripping force. The Jawhorse can be collapsed for transport and weighs only 43 lb. Optional attachments allow the Jawhorse to hold material for welding, sawing logs or timber, or holding extra-large sheets of material.
Rockwell; 866-514-7625;