New product announcements:  02/25/2009
Durable Generators: Idle Control Saves Fuel Durable Generators: Idle Control Saves Fuel Three new generators are packed with the latest Subaru 10, 12 and 14-hp overhead-cam engines and are built of heavy-duty steel for extra durability. The 5,000 and 7,100-Watt units can operate continuously for up to 8.3 hours, while the top-line, 7,800-Watt machine runs up to 7.5 hours. All models are available with pull or electric starters and feature automatic idle control, which lowers the engine speed while the mill is not producing power, saving fuel. Robin America Inc.; 800-277-6246;
Cold Recycler: Get on Board the Road Recycling Train Cold Recycler: Get on Board the Road Recycling Train The new RT-500 Cold Recycler is designed for a cold-in-place recycling train configuration of tanker trucks, cold planers, crushing and screening units, mixers, pavers and rollers. It can handle up to 600 tons-per-hour of material from the RX-900 cold planer. Its on-board pugmill mixes emulsion into the recycled material, while its impact crusher handles any oversized material. Roadtec; 423-265-0600;
Asset-management software: Web Interface Gives Full Data Asset-management Software: Web Interface Gives Full Data The Tierra software package comes in four different hardware boxes, depending on the level of detail needed in tracking your capital equipment. The wireless telematics service works using cellular and GPS signals, so you keep track of your equipment’s location and status. Machine details are viewed through a Web interface that costs between $18 and $50 per machine. It allows you to configure alerts, track costs and plan maintenance. Topcon Positioning Systems Inc.; 925-245-8300;
Roof-Mounted wind Turbines: Efficient Design Roof-Mounted Wind Turbines: Efficient Design Enviro Energies’ line of Mag-Wind roof-mounted wind turbines are designed to make use of turbulent airflow over roofs that traditional turbines cannot use. The turbines rotate horizontally, and the blade shaft is levitated by magnets to reduce friction and vibration. Models are available that produce a rated electricity output of 1.5 kW at 15 mph of wind; 5kW at 15 mph and 10kW at 15 mph. Different sail configurations are available to match wind conditions. Enviro Energies; 905-228-3290;
Cracked-Concrete Solutions: Tested Cracked-Concrete Solutions: Tested Engineers increasingly must specify anchors designed and tested to meet the 2006 International Building Code’s Ultimate Strength Design methodology. Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Systems meets that code for cracked and uncracked concrete. The system includes a two-part epoxy, heavy-duty screw anchor, torque-controlled adhesive anchor, wedge anchor and self undercutting anchor. Simpson Strong-Tie; 800-999-5099;