New product announcements:   01/14/2009
Framing Nailer: Paper-tape Nails Load Quickly Framing Nailer: Paper-tape Nails Load Quickly The Model DF250S 20° Framing Nailer is a pneumatic nailer that can be loaded with up to 70 paper-tape nails at a time. The tool’s nail lock-out feature is designed to prevent dry firing, and according to the manufacturer, it is able to drive 16D nails flush into laminated veneer lumber without the need for additional hammering. The nailer weighs only 8.1 lb, can accept a nails from 2-in. to 3 ½-in. in smooth, ring or screw shank, and is designed to work with Duo-Fast paper-tape nail strips. Duo-Fast Construction; 888-631-2020;
Roof Coating System: Reflective Roof Coating System: Reflective The Geoguard Lo Base Coat, when used with the Geoguard Finish Coat is designed to protect weathered single-ply roof membrane systems, polyurethane foam and structural concrete roofs from harmful environmental pollutants and UV radiation. Each layer is a single component, low-VOC, high-solids coat that is highly elastomeric and bonds readily to the prepared surface. The finished coating is reflective, resulting in lower surface temperatures, and lower long-term energy costs. Republic Powdered Metals Inc.; 800-551-7081;
Air Circulation: Big Fan Air Circulation: Big Fan The Powerfoil X industrial fan boasts a sealed, nitrogen-filled gearbox to prevent contamination and eliminate maintenance. The NitroSeal Drive gearbox also features precision-cut, low-backlash gears for cooler operation and longer life. The fans are available in diameters ranging from 8 ft to 24 ft, and employ low-horsepower motors to generate air circulation over a wide area. The Powerfoil X can be integrated with VESDA smoke detection, lighting, speakers and motion-sensor systems as well as security cameras. The prewired electronic controls allow multiple fans to be operated from a single wall-mounted keypad connected by a standard cat5 cable. Big Ass Fans; 877-244-3267;
HVAC Cooling Unit: A Lot of Chill From a Small Profile HVAC Cooling Unit: A Lot of Chill From a Small Profile The PEFY-P Ducted Indoor HVAC unit functions the same as a larger HVAC cooling unit but has a much more compact size. The low-profile ducted indoor unit features brazed refrigerant connections and a filter for eliminating odors and allergens. It includes a built-in condensate mechanism and has increased external static pressure than previous models. The unit comes in six sizes, with a cooling capacity of up to 2 tons and a maximum height of 7⅞ in. Mitsubishi Electric; 800-687-1966;
Skid-mounted pump: High Flow Rate Keeps It Moving Skid-mounted Pump: High Flow Rate Keeps It Moving The 12-in. DV300c Power Prime Pump is a skid-mounted liquids pump that boasts a flow rate of up to 10,000 gallons-per-minute and produces a total dynamic head of up to 170 ft. The pump is intended for high-flow applications, including bypasses, and is able to operate at 80% efficiency, which saves considerable fuel. The pump is able to handle solids up to 3-in. with a semi-enclosed impeller. Rain For Rent; 800-742-7246;