New product announcements:   01/07/2009
Road milling: Dual Operator Stations Road milling: Dual Operator Stations The MT2000 milling machine is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine powered by a 610-hp Tier 3 Cummins Engine. The machine has three distinct engine and drum-cutting speeds selectable from the operator’s control panel, with a low-speed setting for higher torque on tough road beds and a high-speed setting for maximum travel speed on shallow cuts. Two operating stations allow flexibility while either panel can control both sides of the machine. Volvo Construction Equipment; 828-650-2000;
Spark-Reduced Grinding Discs: Safer Spark-Reduced Grinding Discs: Safer

Eco Brazing Diamond Grinding Discs are intended for use in hazardous environments where errant sparks are not permitted, including nuclear plants and oil and gas industries. The manufacturer claims the discs reduce sparking to 1% of that produced by traditional resinoid grinding discs. The discs are suited for grinding steel, stainless steel and other materials. Available in grits from 30 to 80 on disc sizes of 4 in., 41⁄2 in., 5 in. and 7 in. CS Unitec; 800-700-5919;

Washer/screw combo: Fastener Feeds Both Together Washer/screw combo: Fastener Feeds Both Together The Auto-Feed Washer/Screw System allows for the auto-feed fastening of washers to steel studs for wire lath and commercial building applications. The system features a nose piece that attaches to an auto-feed TyRex Screwgun, and positions a washer in front of each screw as it is about to be driven, eliminating the need to collate washers by hand. The system is available with either 13⁄4-in. galvanized steel washers or 11⁄4-in. plastic washers. Both fit a variety of screws depending on the substrate. TyRex; 800-396-3318
Environmental Monitor: High-Tech Sniffer Environmental Monitor: High-Tech Sniffer The DirectSense Ultra-Mini is a portable PC-based environmental monitor which incorporates USB-enabled multisensor probes and a mobile PC loaded with software to log and interpret data. The environmental monitor package includes a Fujitsu Ultra-Mini Vista OS mobile PC with a swiveling touch screen and a built-in camera for taking photographs of sights or even panoramic video. The assortment of GrayWolf USB-enabled probes are able to monitor ranges of VOCs, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, and an optional assortment of 21 specific gas sensors. Once data is collected, the PC software can make snapshot logs of a walkthrough survey, show trend longs over time and create tables to compare data. GrayWolf Sensing Solutions; 203-416-0005;
Fiberglass Tank: Water Reclamation Fiberglass Tank: Water Reclamation Xerxes Fiberglass Tanks are intended for underground rainwater collection and landscape-management applications. This includes recycling of used site water for irrigation. The rustproof, watertight tanks qualify for points under the LEED sustainable sites and water efficiency category. The tanks feature integral ribs for added strength and are available in single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall models, and in sizes from 600 gallons to sizes over 60,000 gallons. Xerxes Corp.; 952-887-1890;